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52° 56 N, 21° 26 E, Poland (Europe)

Zabrodzie is situated on Mazowsze in district of Wyszkow. The commune of Zabrodzie occupies 92 km2.
Zabrodzie has got direct railroad (PKP) and convenient bus connections.
Closest airport is in Warszawa.

Mayor of commune
Tadeusz Michalik

The chairman of commune council
Andrzej Garbarczyk

Commune Secretary
Agnieszka Sosnowska

Commune Treasurer
Wieslawa Dabrowska


            Zabrodzie Commune is isuated in the administrative district of Wyszków in the Mazovian voivodeship, on the left side of the river Bug. Zabrodzie has got convenient communication connections. At the eastern side there is railway from Warsaw through Tłuszcz to Ostrołęka. At the western side there is the road of the international importance connecting Śląsk through Warsaw and Białystok with countries the eastern border of Poland. This road is a main route for the road cargo transport, and simultaneously one of national and international tourist main routes.
            An abode of commune is Zabrodzie - its name derives from words "behind the ford", what means behind the passage across the river. First record in documents concerning Zabrodzie village dates back to 1578. The commune possesses its own coat of arms, where dominates the red colour, symbolizing the inspiration and the artistic creation and the twice frayed quill. Its refers to the figure of Cyprian Norwid, one of the most outstanding Polish poets who was born in Laskowo-Głuchy (at present Głuchy), situated in Zabrodzie Commune.
            There is situated Office of the Commune, branch of Bank Spółdzielczy, The Post Office and the Ruval Health Service Centre in Zabrodzie. There ale also four elementary schools (in Zabrodzie, Adelin, Kiciny and Dębinki), the public Grammar-school , the Set of Schools and the Communal Centre of Culture, two houses of care for handicapped children in Niegów and Gaj-Fiszor and The Orphanage in Dębinki in Zabrodzie Commune.
  • Police-station: +48 029 757 12 17 or 997
  • Fire brigade: 998
  • Health service: +48 029 757 12 41 or 999
  • Post office: +48 029 757 12 74
  • Center of culture: +48 029 757 12 54

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